Pāḷi Learning Materials

I have uploaded some of the Pāḷi Grammars that are easily available online. Despite of having the Chaṭṭhasaṅgāyana still many of them are not easily accessable for those who are not familiar with Chaṭṭhasaṅgāyana Software.

First Pāḷi learner

Pali Primer Guide

Summarize Grammar in Pali

Pali Noun Declension-table-2

Pali Noun Declination Table-1

Pali Grammar Tables

Declension for Three Genders

Pali alphabets

Pali sound System

Strong and Weak roots and stems



Nouns and Adjectives

Elementary Pali Grammar

Pāḷi Grammar in English

Kaccayana Grammar of Sandhi

Kaccayana Grammar of Nāma Chapter

Introduction to Pāli

A Practial Grammar of Pali Language

A New Course in Reading Pali Answers

Introduction to Pali

Mazard’s Version of Mason’s Pali Grammar
Eisel Mazard

Pali Primer
Dr. Lily De Silva
Revised version by Eisel Mazard

An Elementary Pali Course
Narada Thera
Revised version by Eisel Mazard

A Practical Grammar of the Pāli Language
Charles Duroiselle
Revised version by Eisel Mazard

Pāḷi Made Easy

Balangoda Ānandamaitriya

Pali: A Complete Introduction

Traditional Pāḷi Grammars

Abhidhanappadipika- Pali synonymous Dictionary

Abhidhanappadipikaṭīkā- The Word Explanatory Dictionary

Balavatara- Primary Pāḷi Learner

Dhāthupatha-Lesson on Roots

Kaccayanadhatumanjusa-Container of the Pāḷi Roots

Kaccayanabyakaraṇa- Kaccāyana Pāḷi Grammar

Moggallanabyakaraṇa Pāḷi Byākāraṇa


Translation of Kaccayana Pāḷi grammar



Payogasiddhipāḷi Byākāraṇa

Saddanitippakaraṇa Byākāraṇa Padamala

Saddanitippakaraṇa Byākāraṇa Dhātumālā




Moggallāna Pañcikā Ṭīkā

Some more links on Pāḷi


The Pali Text Society’s Pali-English Dictionary
T.W. Rhys Davids and W. Stede
Online, PDF, EPUB and other formats

The Pali Text Society’s Pali-English Dictionary
T.W. Rhys Davids and W. Stede
Web version

A Dictionary of the Pali Language
R.C. Childers
Online, PDF, EPUB and other formats

The Student’s Pali-English Dictionary
U Phe Mon Tan
Online, PDF, EPUB and other formats

Online Pāḷi Learning lecture



The Pali Canon

The complete Pali Canon in multiple scripts at Tipitaka.org

Sutta Central

The Pali Canon in Roman script with translations, along with partial parallel versions in Chinese, Tibetan, Sanskrit and other languages.

Pāḷi Writing Keyboard


Pāḷi Speech Videos

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    Get download these beautiful books.


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